Jen Starsinic is a music artist, multi-instrumentalist, and community organizer. Her most recent release, 2020’s dreamy, confessional indie rock EP Bad Actor, has been described by PopMatters, American Songwriter, and other outlets as “poignant, intimate, and stunning,” “a modern gem,” and “a vivacious composition that recalls the wistful songwriting gold of Regina Spektor and Cat Power.”

Starsinic’s music embodies the understanding that music is a communal experience that isn’t bound by rigid genre expectations. A professional violinist since 14, her youth was spent hanging out in central-PA ambient rock bands and sneaking off to music festivals in West Virginia for trance-y, all-night, moonshine-fueled old time jams. Today, in addition to her own records and shows, she works as an instrumentalist and film composer and performs a twice-weekly, improvised ambient soundscape broadcast live from her home studio.

In addition to her own musical practice, Starsinic runs the non-profit Girls Write Nashville, which she also co-founded, empowering young women in Nashville Title I public schools with the basic tools of music to use in service of their own creative autonomy. Through one-on-one mentorship and in-classroom programming, Girls Write Nashville creates a community of musicians and young artists across all genres reflecting Starsinic’s deeply held belief that music belongs to all of us as inherent human expression.