synthquest ep. 9: music for turkeys

One of the livestream listeners requested “music for turkeys” so here we are

I have the good fortune of living in a neighborhood that is RIPE with bands of turkeys. (I just looked it up — groups of turkeys are called rafters!)

They are very interesting animals who, at least around here where they are far from hunted, could not give less of a f*** about the humans around them.

They stroll quite blissfully in that way, which is reflected in the Thanksgiving music I made for them.

I hope you have a fantastic (American) Thanksgiving. Or, if you aren’t here in the States, I hope you have an equally as incredible Thursday.

I’m grateful for you, synthquest listeners!

About Synthquest

Synthquest is an improvised, ambient music podcast and livestream.

“Episodes” are recorded live via a livestream on Twitch on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm CT, performed by Jen Starsinic (and friends). weekly recordings are posted as a podcast.

Created inspired by the long history of music as improvisatory, spontaneous music, Synthquest started as a way to have a music practice in real time with listeners that celebrates the imperfection of the journey of creative growth.

You can tune into the livestreamed recording of synthquest — Mondays and Wednesdays at 9pm CT.

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